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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dried up well...

i used to write so much. about so many different things. i had so much crap to shit out, in so many different ways. but now... the well of inspiration (if one can really call it that...) has run well dry. i have become rather limited in the things that i write about. i wonder whether work has anything to do with it.



Anonymous emz said...

hey, hey, Mr. Chua, language pls. lol. and you said u talked abt us on ur blog! nv saw any hint of us except mentioning yunnan.
humph. :x
project work seriously is crap. [remember, i said PROJECT WORK, not the PROJECT WORK TEACHER. hahahahahahaha]

9:02 PM

Blogger tbhjwh said...

there is a saying in Chinese "江郎才尽" 哈

2:23 PM

Anonymous XH said...

Dunno if it helps to know, but this kind of thing does happen to us from time to time. The good news is that it can suddenly break.

9:12 PM

Blogger X said...

Oh RC, you actually gave your blogs out to your students! Ha. I salute you for being a NAT - New Age Teacher..ha but be careful on the words from now on!

Anyway, just dropping by to wish you happy holidays!

2:52 PM


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