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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lonely Avalon

if one could block out the discomfort from the oppressive stillness of air, the stifling heat and the way the haze clogs up one's respitory tract, walking at the reservoir near my place at night in this weather is quite interesting. the haze gives the place a very surreal feel. it seems as if i'm standing at the edge of the lake where Arthur got Excalibur, staring across, finding the lights of Avalon glimmering in the distance, beckoning.

and the streets look like London shrouded in winter mist with diffused sodium coloured lamps. it reminded me of the me i was back then. a person who found solace in solitude. somewhere along the line, i have changed, i am different now. it seems that i now find it uncomfortable being alone. or perhaps it is loneliness that i abhor.


Anonymous XH said...

I did mention to someone that it was probably like Victorian London smog. And, especially during the seventh month, if you see a woman's hand reaching out of the water, it's probably best not to get too near.

1:12 AM


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