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Saturday, September 16, 2006


so as we walked down after we got our passports checked, i recognized a whole group of familiar faces at the glass panel, waiting, peering.

26th, thanks for being there to give us such a warm welcome.

i'm really really touched. i should have told you guys right there at the airport. but i was overwhelmed.

you guys make it all worthwhile.

thanks. :)

p.s. work hard for your upcoming exams.

p.p.s. i give you tip for your Physics exam... STUDY! ha.


Blogger kristy~ said...

welcomeHOME! (:

4:26 AM

Blogger [dreamer.] said...

WELCOME BACK!! sorry dint go fetch you.. too late leh.. i dun dare to go home myself.. and my dad will scold. but WELCOME BACK!

10:32 AM

Blogger jacinda said...

thats a really great hint for physics you know .. =x

10:13 PM

Blogger rench00 said...

ha... dreamer... it's ok... i understand. thanks for the thought though. :)

study la... stop looking at... erm... hmm... ha... :)

12:45 AM


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