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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Death Note

was quite an alright show.

if i had the Death Note, there would be one name that i would definitely write in it... mine. and i would specify the conditions of my own death.... that it would happen about... another 50 years later. and i would die in my sleep, peacefully, happy and contented that all my dreams have realised and all my ambitions fulfilled.

but of course, the Death Note does not exist. we cannot choose how we die. but we can always choose how we live.


Blogger Kamal said...

This is very philosophical paragraph. Did you think of it on your own? Or was it a vision?

10:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey hey. if you know bernise, can you email me at suryadarma@gmail.com ?

thanks a million.

i've got some qns to ask. we were close, me and her. :)

9:12 PM


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