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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Dinner at Coffee Club

so there we were at the coffee club. the one at raffles place. and Dr V. went up to say something. and as i looked at him, one thought came to mind. at first, it was barely beneath consciousness. then slowly, it bubbled up. i tried to dismiss it. but it persisted. i tried to brush it off. but it grew more concrete. and i couldn't take it anymore. it became a voice so loud that i could not ignore. it screamed out to me: "That girl is damn cute!"

i didn't really hear what Dr V. said. was too busy oogling at that girl sitting directly in my line of sight. but well... i'm sure what Dr V. said was inspiring and made sense. it must have. he was afterall handpicked by the great PAP. oh... and the mighty PSC as well. of course he would be a wellspring of wisdom. not that it mattered to me at that point of time. all i could do was look at that girl. alas, me being me, i didn't know, didn't dare to go up to her and talk to her. how do you do that? it would be so adrupt. so wrong. so well... i left it at that. after the most wonderful and inspiring speech by minister, i got my food and went back to rejoin my fellow youth connect members. and we chatted a bit and caught up on one another's lives and all.

i think the main takeaway that night was... chicken wings. actually, i'm not sure. but definitely not the cod. or the smoked salmon. they were quite popular. so don't think there'll be much left to take away.

well... the workgroups thing is kind of officially over. hopefully we can get moving with getting the next round started. if nothing, at least i've made some friends through this thing (that includes you Bern!). :)


Blogger Rambling Alcoholic said...

Haha. As usual, Rench. Ch**-Hong as usual.

2:46 PM


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