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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Smashing good weekend

had such a smashing good Easter weekend. but not because of any religious reasons (those of you who don't know me yet, and have not already figured it out... i'm not Christian...)

started with dinner then a movie (16 Blocks, which, while predictable at parts, was alright... gives one a warm fuzzy feeling kind of show...) with colleagues. company was good. conversation constantly generated good laughter. which always makes for an enjoyable time.

then Friday met up with couple of friends and had a good long chat, catching up about various things. but highlight of Saturday was the evening with Bern. went to Rochester Park, looking for dinner. stumbled into One Rochester Park, thinking it was a restaurant (for those of you who don't already know... it isn't. it's a wine bar/pub thing). the ambience was great, really good chilled out place. it felt like a really well organised yuppie house party. the music was great (had a couple of guest DJ's playing. it was acid jazz and one of the "DJs" played live music on his trumpet. which of course meant Bern enjoyed it all the more...). food was alright (nothing great... but decent). drinks were good.

and Saturday met up with Fajan and Weiting. was good catching up with this pair of friends from my JC days. of course, Weiting's wife was there too. sighz. how time flies, how people move on. indeed, we've come a long way since our JC days. and rightly so. it's been... almost 10 years already.

well... one more day to the weekend. got to get some exercise to work off the extra pounds that i must have piled on over the weekend...


Blogger X said...

Hey, it's been awhile since I visited your blog..and mine..haha..

Anyway, it seems like you're having lots of fun on a weekend...ha..Gruelling weekdays makes the weekends to be more easily appreciated eh?

(Oh, another thing, u can link me now since I've found someone who's linked me up on her blog for awhile already!haha..bye to the exclusivity)

10:10 AM


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