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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Gripe about work

this post will be a general gripe about work. it's me ranting about the frustrations that i have about work.

Not having time and energy to blog and read blogs as much as I would like to
and that is why i don't update my blog as regularly anymore. as opposed to when i first started my blog, when i would post 4 entries in a day. but then again, as Jeremy would testify, that was my marvellous smokescreen which suceeded in making my other colleagues in that office that i was actually damn super busy. and hence i got less arrows.

but that was NS... now that i am actually (well... kind of) working... i guess i have to (or feel more motivated to) be on the ball anyways. so i actually do work. and also cos a good part of my work now demands that i am away from my computer. and hence i get to blog and read blogs less often than i would like to.

and that is a pity because that means i don't keep up to date with what's going on in the lives of some of my friends as well as not able to crap as much as i would like to...

No life...
too tired to actually have much of a life. i got home at 4pm yesterday and crashed. and that was after many days of getting to work at 7 and leaving at 7. i'm just not made to be sleep-deprived... and so... it's hard for me to have a social life after work hours. to be fair, i still try to keep up with the few other things that i'm involved in. that too, takes up much time, which again means that all the more i have no social life. liddat how to get girlfriend? sighz...

Emotionally draining
read in a friend's blog about how he wants to be a teacher and how he enjoys the experience of teaching after his first tution session. thing is, with tuition, or at least most tuition, one teaches students who want to learn. but in schools, except the elite schools, there is a significant proportion of students who do not want to learn and some are only in school because they are forced to be in school.

it takes a lot of emotionaly energy trying to engage students, disciplining them, getting them to sit still, keep quiet, don't disturb the students who want to learn. and then there are those who come to the teacher with a whole host of other problems from home, such as parents just divorced and mother being retrenched or gang problems, etc.

and the thing is, these usually happen in the non-elite schools, where teachers are payed less than their counterparts in the elite schools. why? is the job of these teachers in non-elite schools any less challenging than that of the teachers in the elite schools? on the contrary, i think that the teachers in these 'neighbourhood' schools face far more challenges than those who teach in the elite schools. and consequently, they should be paid more. alas... that is not the case.

further, a lot of times policy makers are from the top-echelon schools and worse, feel that everyone else is like them, with the same intelligence, same drive, etc. but that is not te case. as a lot of my studnets have shown, a lot of them are brought up in such a way that does not breed in them a sense of drive nor a go-getter attitude. a lot of my students are so, for want of better word, nuah.

sighz... well... that is my gripe about work, students and whatever other random things that popped into my head... slightly more awake now...


Anonymous sheryl said...

I totally agree with this post. With that concentration of elites, it is hard to understand how people who are not like them work. Everything's at their fingertips that they can't understand people who can't understand.

11:39 PM


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