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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Conspiracy Theory

one has to wonder why the hell Temasek spent so much buying Shin Corp. did its analyst not suspect the backlash that it would create? were its analysts so incompetent as to underestimate the nationalism of the Thais and thus not realise that the Thais would boycott a Shin Corp owned mainly by a foreign company (more so because it is seen to be linked to a foreign government...)? Did its analysts fail to realise that the Thai people would perceive the sale as the Thaksin family cashing out while the going is good and hence result in the whole political crisis?

of course they did. in fact, they were counting on that. why?

cos they deliberately want to create unrest in Thailand. because Temasek Holdings deliberately wanted to create conditions that would bring about the ouster of Thaksin. because Thaksin has been wildly successful in making Thailand far economically competitive than any of his predecessors and more so than any of his likely successors are possibly able to.

and hence, to keep Thailand from becoming more competitive than Singapore, Temasek had to move.

does anyone really believe in this shit?


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