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Sunday, March 26, 2006


so it seems that the majority of Thais (i.e. the rural poor) support Thaksin, while the majority of Bangkok oppose him. and it's his detractors who are most able to protest publicly against him (cos they are nearest to him physically). and they are the ones who are the most able to bring things to a standstill and hence force him to step down. but what would that do to democracy?

now let's think about that happening in Singapore. a group of people, say 10000, not happy with govt. go protest outside parliament building, refuse to budge unless LHL steps down. that would, undoubtedly bring some problems to the everyday life, business, etc. given that Singapore can't withstand that much shocks, should LHL step down? what if he holds a national referendum and most people, say 60%, still thinks that he should be in power, but that group of protesters still refuse to budge, then what?

because that is exactly what's happening in Thailand. and as i've already said, we should, to begin with, prevent that stage from coming in the first place...

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