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Sunday, March 26, 2006


that's what i am... a busy bee...

i get in to work by 7 am and usually leave at 7pm. they don't pay me enough... but there are other perks la. like spending half an hour chit chatting to my students.

i've taken to going into one of my class speaking in this insanely fake American accent... and it seems to work... at least it catches their attention slightly...

then i had some to drink on Friday night... and had this brainwave of what else i could do with my students... whacky ideas, funny stories (of course with certain points), cutting insults. i think i should start my day with a pint... so that my ideas can just flow and i can just let loose.

oh... and just marked a test. 4 out of 40 students passed. lowest was 2 upon 30. sighz. much more work must be done.

as such, this blog will not be updated that regularly. for my regular readers, i apologise for the lack of content. will do my best to update more frequently.



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