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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Unanswered Questions

Aileen's been telling me that one doesn't need to have all the answers to all the questions that we have. i agree. but sometimes, there are just some questions which would not go away. they seem to be lodged in my subconsciousness, like a splinter in the thumb, barely perceptible, and irritatingly so. it's like a scab that you just can't help scratching. and the more you scratch it, the more you worsen it. what's worse is that once in a while, these questions float into the conscious mind and just keeps you awake. like what happened last night. but the funny thing is, now, i can't remember what it was that i was thinking about. i guess it was just too many thing jumbled into one. and slowly, as i finally drifted into sweet slumber, these thoughts, these questions subsided into the subconsciousness.

and one of the questions just surfaced into my conscious memory as i was typing my text message to Aileen. and this question is a very important one. why does my phone not spell words like 'bitch', 'shit', 'damn' and 'fuck'? i'm sure it doesn't spell chee bye either. not that i've tried. it leads me to believe that the phone is thoroughly singaporeanized with its in-built censorship. i guess whoever designed and programmed the phone must really have had very delicate sensitivities that would be offended by the mildest of vulgarities. but it's alright. i am currently in the happy process of educating my mobile phone to the joys of uncouth language. so guys, beware. soon i'll be sending messages like: "that god damn bitch of a cheebye fuckface should go eat shit and die!!!"

sheesh. that sounded really angry. but i'm not. really. in fact, other than being tired, i'm really fine. it's just that there is nothing in this place that inspires me. and the fact that it's quite warm in here doesn't help. i think the aircon people have decided to take revenge on us for complaining by turning the airconditioning system off. now see... if it was MM Lee's (Bless His soul and May peace be upon his name) was working here, this place would be maintained at a cool 18 degrees Celsius. i wonder whether Nexus is cooler. after all, they do have MM's picture there...

ah hack it. at least we are going out for lunch. Mr Tam's driving. :)


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