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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Chewren nowsadays arh...

i really should be sleeping. but my stomach is acting up. gastric. hereditary problem. my mother has it, my brother has it. the force runs strong in my family. erm... what was i saying again? ah... gastric. not the force. though the Force is an interesting topic to speak of. Star Wars III is coming soon.

anyways. when i was running today, i saw this family just sitting by the side of the track. the kid was trying to hit the father (i'm presuming it's the father. or uncle.). and my first thought was, "if i was that father, i would have smacked the living shit out of that boy!" what insolence?!!! firstly, that pipsqueek is so small that the father can probably beat him into a pulp in an all out brawl. secondly, gosh, how ungrateful can the boy be? has he not heard of the phrase, "don't bite the hand that feeds you?" if you want to hit your dad, at least wait till you have repaid all the money and time that he has invested in bringing you up. i tell you hor... chewren nowsadays arh.... jin bo tua bo soi arh.

what i cannot stand about some young boys is the way they 'act' tough. the way the think they somehow can go into a fight, win and solve whatever it was they were trying to solve. it's as if they have this glorified notion of fighting and violence, some false bravado feeding on a massive pool of testosterone. most of them start really young. when they are much too small in built to win in a fight with me (i can squash them by just sitting on them...). when i see such kids, i really just feel like giving them a good thrashing.

and i realise that i'm guilty of the thing that i'm against. while you look into the abyss does the abyss not look back into you. while you try to stop the monster, beware that you become one yourself.

i guess that these kids have been hit one too many times themselves, so much so that the only way that the know how to solve problems is by hitting back. no one has taught them any viable alternatives to violence. it takes a lot more effort to not be violent. the way of harmony is a long and difficult road.

the question i have therefore is this. how can we teach these kids that it is not right to hit someone? how do we teach these kids respect? how do we initiate these kids on the way of harmony? how do we communicate to these kids that the only surest way to victory is to not need to fight in the first place? these are questions that i have been trying to find the answer for since my stint with Beyond Social Services. I have not found an answer yet. Anyone can help?


Blogger Rambling Alcoholic said...

Spare the rod and spoil the child. I was given corporal punishment as a kid and I think I still turned out alright.

I think. Haha.

4:56 PM


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