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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Stupid example

to the person who commented on my post "Are you tofu?". pity that you did not leave your name. (just out of curiousity, why didn't you? you could have left your name in any part of the comment. were you afraid that i might take action against you if you did leave your name? or that your friends might chide you for seemingly side with me in some ways?) i thought that your comment really demonstrated much maturity and showed that you are someone who can be rational and offer views in an intelligent and appropriate manner that would add value to the discussion.

i will, if i get a chance, speak to the student who blogged about P. and i will call him stupid into his face. because that is what he was when he blogged about P in the way he did. but i will also tell him that he does have a certain amount of courage and idealism which if harnessed in the right ways and coupled with certain skills would make him a formidable change-maker who would achieve much good for whichever community he chooses to fight for.

so. the student who blogged about P in the way he did is stupid. if he remains the way he is, he would be another Chee Soon Juan. courageous, but completely incapable of bringing about any positive change (some would argue that Chee is making it harder for the change he so desires to happen). but he need not remain stupid the rest of his life. i am sure he would improve after this incident. i hope that the student would keep the spirit behind what he did, but learn to do things differently, more intelligently and with more wisdom. then not only would he not be stupid, he would be a shining example for many of us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did not want to put my name because i did not want to take credit for whatever i said.Whatever i commented was taken and extracted from the talk i had with blogger.I came up to him and have a nice talk with him.I scolded him stupid too.He did admit that he was stupid and ignorant when he was blogging but he still firmly believe that P should change his ways of approaching issues.

In real life,he speaks with profanities in his conversation,but at the same time his views and perspective are properly brought up to me and i look up to this quality of his,leadership.

I guess he just needed guidance on how he should voice out his views,he pointed out many things which JJC can be improved like the school gym and the basketball court.

I really hope someone like you and Mr leow can hear what he has to say and offer,he can be someone who can lead the school into greater heights provided he is given the right guidance from teachers and so on if not he may be just a piece of thrash, who does not have direction on how to drive his ideas into people's mind, like how he is now.

12:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

rofl, this blog is actually attracting readers, being overly-controversial.

at this rate your going, you could actually overrate xiaxue ;) attaining the title as the most controversial blogger! whoo~!

lol, that aside. i just wanna say, anonymity doesn't make us cowards. it's just simply, we dont need further probings into our identity, such is unneccessary and.. the truth is, we dont actually love the idea of inviting trouble/extending any form of discussion with you. the idea of such is non-appealing, i wouldnt want to explain my stand over and over again and have you scrutinize at every little thing i've put forth. sounds pretty yucky don't you think?

well be it i've said the wrong stuff or you thinking i've made ridiculous remarks, too bad for ya. you should understand this is internet and virtual life's like that ;) don't tell me your gonna chase after every kid who left a comment. man, your gonna be one crazyassed nightmare traumatizing every single commentor!

no need for us to reveal our identity, we dont actually have that much faith as to what your gonna do to us. everything we’ve said is a point-made, take them for what they are. there’s absolutely no point in knowing who the hell said what.

back to what im sayin, your blog is gaining more and more readers. kudos to you, be it good or bad, wahahaha.

12:18 PM

Blogger rench00 said...

in that case, then some of the points made are stupid, reflecting the puerille idiocy of the people who made them. and those who made those types of statements ought to accept me saying that about them. because this is the internet.

2:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

agreed! it's stupid to call others stupid too, someone who had already admitted his mistake, c'mon guy give the poor chap another chance to repent and not just keep thinking of the harm that he had imposed. geddit?

9:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

sure, you can deem people as lowly as you like, it's your blog anyway and as all humans do, we love the idea of bitching ;)

nah, dont drone on the point that the kid's stupid/foolish/etc. what's done's done. he's (probably) in misery now. no need to further drill the fact that he's of a lower calibre, no? we dont really care how much he scores in intellect, see.

in any case, everyone should learn to be responsible for what they preach. understand that everything said is accountable to them; people dont get away with bullshit.

whoohoo there's school tmr. let's see what P has gotta say on monday morning yet again! *anticipates some crap and yet dreading his sucky grammar*

10:41 PM

Blogger rench00 said...

i am not just commenting about one student, but the behaviour that he demonstrated, which i see as increasingly prevalent in the generation of students.

and as i am sure you have noticed, P was not in school on Monday. have you ever stopped to think why? go and ask your class rep or any of the councillors if you bother.

11:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

who cares anyway, besides you (:

4:29 PM

Blogger rench00 said...

you demonstrate your stupid arrogance by assuming that you know how everyone feels by saying that i'm the only one who cares. that is the problem with people like you. it's not just that you aren't smart (by virtue of making statements like that you demonstrate your stupidity), you also are arrogant. it's this combination of virtues that would condemn you to mediocrity when you might have otherwise been great.

alas... i bet you don't care about that either.

5:20 PM

Blogger Rambling Alcoholic said...

Rench, I actually am proud of you publishing these comments in full.

We all have a will, a voice. But lets hear it with the respect rightly accorded to others.

I also agree with you that we should be prepared to stand up and justify our comments. =)

3:07 PM

Blogger emz said...

you act like the P isn't human. he is. he has feelings, and a life. he makes mistakes, agreed, BUT so do you. so do we all. don't talk about things you don't or won't understand.

6:04 PM


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