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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Parental Guidance

i watched the last episode of season one of Parental Guidance. as far as a Singaporean sitcom goes, i thought it was not bad. i quite liked the accent that they did. reminded me of UK (which recently, i've been thinking a lot of... i miss that place greatly...)

i particularly loved the scene where James (played by Adrian Pang) and Ling (played by... erm... don't know who...) were 'facing off'. Ling was about to go to London, just at the point when they realised that they do have feelings for each other. the tension, the emotions were absolutely brilliantly portrayed. i think Adrian Pang is a fantastic actor (what a waste to be in Mediacorp...) and the person who acted as Ling did a fantastic job too... somehow, something in that scene, because of the way the portrayed it, because of the way the shot just lingered on them for that brief moment, as they stood there in silence.. something about that resonated with me.

partings. i have had problems handling those. and on my way home, i realised that this batch of students that i have would be the only batch of students from this school that i would see through their entire 2 years in JC. it is very likely that i would leave as they leave.




Blogger Ally said...

I do really love the parental guidance. And Ling is acted by Jessica Hsuan from HK, who is my favorite actress.

12:29 AM


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