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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Choosing Battles

while writing the last post... i got reminded of something. someone told me once that one should choose one's battles. the reality is, in her opinion, that you do not waste your time going against the institution that is PAP. you go against specific things that you want to change.

to a great extent, i agree with her. and so i think Chee Soon Juan is stupid for trying to take on the behemoth that is PAP. but at least he has the courage to stand true to his believes despite the hell that PAP puts him through. in that pervese way, i think Chee deserves respect.

someone else i know, is a lot more subtle in the way he takes on the institution. some might say that this other person is more of a coward. but at least his way of doing things does get things done, does make changes happen. it's about reconciling seemingly opposing demands between what he thinks is best for the nation and what the institution that is the government think is best for the nation. and he does it in a manner where the other party feels that if he does what you want him to do, it ends up being best for everyone all round. it is a skill that i am only beginning to learn.


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