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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Godly Influence

apparently, i sounded like God in my previous post... some biblical exhortation of the flock, some evangelical encouragement. perhaps that's what being God is about.... bringing out the best in people... ha... of course, God has more powers at His disposal than i do (thunderbolts to zap those lazier and less obedient ones would help...)

but of course, i am not that egoistical to think that i am, in any way, divine. however, some of my colleagues think that i have a lot more influence than i actually do have. as i have mentioned, i have been called the biggest ah-beng in school, notso much because i am really a gangster, but more because of the way i speak (i.e. very Singlish). apparently, by speaking in that manner, i would bring down the standard of English of the students, because they would all emulate me.

but of course, we know that that is putting the cart before the horse and mixing up cause and effect. i speak the way i do with the students because that's the way that i can connect with them and hence build rapport (much needed to get the things that i have to do done...). and the reason why that way of speaking connects with them is because that's the way they speak to. so, it's because they already speak Singlish that i speak Singlish, not the other way round (i.e. i speak Singlish causing them to do so...).

oh well...

in other news... i've had a bout of gastric flu. and you know what that does to you...


finally... to the person, (p) who left that note on one of my previous post "Calling all teachers", thanks for the encouragement. btw, who are you? do i know you?

right. it's late. one more script of SPA and then bed...


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