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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sad Day

Garota was speculating that the bombings might be linked to the anti-poverty movement. i don't think they were. if they were, then the people who planned the bombings must have been really really stupid. because now, instead of coming up with concrete efforts of poverty alleviation and environmental conservation, the summit will probably concentrate on counter-terrorism. and another golden opportunity to solve the problems that humanity already faces will be wasted trying to fight the fear and terror that these extremists have caused.

it is a sad day indeed. not only for the people of London, but for all the poverty stricken in Africa.

it is a sad sad day. i need a hair cut


Blogger juzhen said...

Mmm. I agree.
After all the campaigning of the last several months, its so tragic to see a cause that sought 'legitimate' peaceful means of lobby and protest lose out to the vile acts of terrorism or more specifically, the mutlimeaninged policy of counterterrorism. More tragic of course, given the loss of life.

7:10 PM


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