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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Important calls

you know... there are some calls which you just cannot ignore, e.g. those from Nature.

i'm sure all of us have that feeling, when you really have to go but can't. and when you manage to dash into a toilet and just let it all out, the feeling feels terribly good. just like that time when i went to the toilet after a long bus ride home. on the entire ride, i was holding it in. and the moment i got home, i ran to the toilet and let it rip. it was hard and solid. and it felt damn good.

i guess that that's the way it is with life. that when you finally get something that you really want, that you have finally satiated this desire that has been pent up for so long, you feel this sense of tremendous joy. especially if you had to work really hard to get what you want. my theory thus is that the sense of satisfaction derived is proportional to the time and effort put in. and correspondingly, the sense of disappointment is also proportional to the amount of time and effort put in.

expectations. it's all about expecations. what then do i expect to achieve with what i'm doing? say, what am i hoping to achieve with my blogging? to let my friends keep up to speed with my life? perhaps. i had a greater motivation for writing a while ago. but that no longer exists. i suppose that explains why i do not have 3 posts a day anymore, despite actually having more time.

Lisa has just decided to stop blogging. i wonder whether i shall one day come to that same conclusion that i should stop blogging.


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