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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Poem? Me? Nah...

A.C. commented about the way i looked, which got me thinking. and on the way home after watching Fantastic Four, i came up with the following:

From morning's eastern blaze,
To sunset's crimson west,
In life's confusing maze,
Seeking that peaceful rest.

no. i am not a poet (see one of my previous posts where i unambiguously stated that i'm not an artist of any form). those are just random words clobbered (heh... clobbered... residual effect from watching Fantastic Four?) together to in a vain attempt to express how i feel.

i'm sure a troop of monkeys fiddling around a large enough collection of fridge magnets can do better.

well... it's late. time for bed... good night my friend.


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