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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Word of the day

is wankered.

its root word is not wank. in fact, wankered has precious little to do with wank. on the contrary, many friends i know will tell you that when they are wankered, wanking is the very last thing that comes to their minds. more likely, they would be seeking the nearest toilet bowl to hug. either that, or it will cause them to pull a girl that is really ming. for being wankered does greatly alter one's perception of beauty. but since one is willing to go for the ming ones when one is wankered, that really opens up one's options, hence making it less likely for one to need to wank.

in case you still don't know what wankered means, its synonyms are sloshed, hammered, dead drunk.

it must be one of the most interesting words that i picked up when i was in the United Kingdom of (not so) Great Britain.

for people who have no idea what wanking means... erm...well... perhaps some dictionaries around might have.

it was a fairly good, if prematurely truncated because i had to fertilise the plants nearby, night out.

next up, we hit Churrascaria. and probably more fermented beverages. :)


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