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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


"have no corners. not like triangles. triangles have corners... have 3 corners... see..."

a line out of "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry".

sometimes our lives are very much like circles... no corners, just going round and round. like Zhao Zilong in "The Three Kingdoms: Rise of the Dragon". all his life fighting and in the end, he returns to the same place. one big circle. the flasback at the end (spoiler alert) where he is back at the temple/fort where he first made a name for himself was particularly poignant, especially if you are someone like me who would think about all the emotions that i would feel if i were in a similar situation. i would be thinking of the impendeing end, all the things that i have done, the name that i have carved out for myself, the journey that i've taken which has brought me back to where i first began. i would feel poignant, there will be an aching in my heart and a slight sour taste in my mouth. but my lips will be curled upwards in a wry smile, my eyes will be focused into the distance, with a glint of joy, joy in the knowledge that while i have spent my life going in a circle, i have seen many beautiful things along the journey.

it is not the destination that is important. for all our final destination are the gateway into Death's dominion. but the experiences that we have had, the people we have met, the lives we have touched, the story that we have left behind.

it may be a circle. but let it be a beautiful one.


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