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Monday, March 31, 2008

That's what friends are for...

i shall blog today. just so that Rambling Alcoholic doesn't turn purple and die... see bro, that's the great length that i am willing to go for you. in addition to introducing the love of your life to you of course. so you'd better appreciate it, repent and mend your errant ways.


well... i've been reading some students' blogs. interesting how some of them think and feel. perhaps i ought to let them know that i am reading their blogs... else they might think that i am invading their privacy. and you know how touchy people that age are about their personal space.

one thing (amongst many others) i gleaned from the blogs that i have been trawling through is that students are more disposed to keeping running commentaries about their lives, listing the things that they did that day than to give opinions and thoughts. of course that is very stereotyping. i am sure there are students out there who are insightful and insicive, using words as a surgeon would a scapel, delicately yet with absolute certainty, cutting straight to the heart of many a complex issues. Gayle Goh for example. but then again, she's a rare breed from a place of a very different culture.

and that's the thing about language. use it or lose it. not just that. what you say, how you say it very much reflects the environment you find yourself in, says a lot about the people you spend time with. in the time since i've left university, my English has deteriorated much. i put it down to not having to keep up with the subtle nuances that people like the Warden lace their conversations with. i have been trying to make it up by reading.

ah well...


Blogger Rambling Alcoholic said...

right... slip in a moral message for me at the same time...

hang out with me and i'll double entendre you anyday!

9:51 AM


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