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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Good and Bad

i do not understand. why is it that Power Rangers have gotten so huge? to the extent that they have, to some extent, spawned their own genre (i.e. silly masked costumes, big robots, etcetc).

and i don't think that it's a good influence on the kids. it teaches them all the wrong things. see... the Power Rangers are supposed to be the good guys. how do you know? cos they always win. so they must be the good guys, else there is no way that they can whoop the asses of their opponents.

but if one considers the way the Power Rangers fight, one would realise that they are nothing but common street thugs. why? cos they win by outnumbering their enemy. it's always 5 of them versus the 1 big 'bad' guy. woe be to the Power Ranger who has to face the Bad Guy alone. so what does that teach the young impressionable kids who watch Power Rangers? if you can't beat the guy in a fair fight, do the dishonourable thing and gang up others to take him out. then proclaim a great and glorious victory.

of course, some would say that that is teaching the kids the virtue of teamwork, i.e. if you work together, you are much stronger than if you worked alone.

so... is Power Rangers teaching our kids the right sort of values? do we want our kids to grow up thinking that if you can't do something alone, it's ok, cos you can always get a posse to do what you cannot do alone? or do we want our kids to learn honour, that winning because you have more people on your side is not something to be proud of?

Singapore is a pragmatic society. i suppose we would want our kids to learn the former. a victory by any means still means that i've whooped your ass.


Anonymous XH said...

It also teaches them that it's cool to wear tight Lycra. Which is a terrifying thought.

8:28 AM

Anonymous Cheng said...

I could think of a lot of people I'd like to see in tight lycra... and probably a lot more whom I'd rather not.

2:31 AM


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