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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

WT's Wedding

just got home from WT's wedding dinner.

i know it's an oft repeated platitude that time flies. but when one sees one's friend get married, given that one has known this friend for years, since the time when one and one's friend were struggling with the challenges that comes with coming of age, and at the precise moment, when he sees this friend walk in with the bride, and realise that both he and this friend are no longer the hapless, chrysallis struggling to break into the adult world, one then realises that time has indeed flown by. and with time flying by, so has a lot of other memories, tinted by various shades, peppered with multifarious flavours.

and so it was. as i saw WT enter the ballroom with his bride, decked in his ceremonial uniform, nostalgia assaulted me like a sledge hammer. it peaked when his army mates made him re-enact his proposal to his wife.

see... i've known WT to be an MCP, who's totally against mushiness. but he was wiling to lay down his pride, kneel down in front of his wife, in front of so many people. he went as far as declare his love for her.

i'm not entirely sure why it happened, but all that nearly made me cry. perhaps with nostalgia, perhaps with joy. the joy that comes with knowing that a good friend of mine has found his happiness.

i'm such a sop.



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