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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


i realise that i have moved past the 400th post. it took quite a while, and even longer because of the many hiatus that i've taken this year. and i don't think it'll grow much faster. suffice to say that the recent blogging spurt would be an anomaly in the coming year.

not that i write very well anyways. and i realise how lousy my writing is after reading the letter that i just got from the Warden (he's the Warden of Manor Hall, the place i stayed in for 3 years when i was in Bristol). he has an amazing way of using words to give texture to feelings, form to thoughts and substance to ideas. his words are nuanced, subtle, painting pictures in fine brush strokes and carefully chosen shades, while my writing is more like big blotches of roughly mixed colours.

my ability to write has definitely deteriorated. it's moved away from the literary to the factual. i have been trying to read more fiction books to bring back the standard, alas, the sort of books that i read aren't really tomes of great literary classics.

ah well...


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