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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Superman Returns

watched Superman Returns at the IMAX. the IMAX experience was pretty good.

few things that i noticed:
  1. in the scene when Superman returned and where there was an earthquake. and the scrabbleboard had the word 'alienation'. a reference to the state that Kal-El finds himself in?
  2. Jor-El tells Superman that 'it is this capacity for good that I give them you, my only son'. biblical reference? so now Superman is Christ? or perhaps an allusion that Christ is a Superman of sorts?
  3. Perry asked whether Superman still stood for 'truth, justice and... all the good stuff" rather than whether Superman still stood for 'truth, justice and the American way'. a recognition that international sentiments about America isn't all that good?
  4. of all the many cries for help, of the many disasters, which one does Superman respond to? a bank robbery. just goes to show that he is capitalist. of course one might argue that he managed to slot the bank robbery between saving drowning children in the third world, rescuing refugees, stopping wars, etc etc. but... even for Superman, i'm sure there are still endless things for him to do than stop a bloody bank robbery. so that makes one wonder, how does he decide what to do? only conclusion, he's a capitalist, more concerned about the wealth of the rich than the well-being of the downtrodden.
  5. (spoiler warning) when Superman fell back down to Earth after throwing the chunk of rock into space, he had a very 'Christ-on-cross' posture. but he did not really die. he rose again. perhaps another analogy with Christ?

one thing that Superman did in the show that i am not capable of (at least for now): (spoiler warning) at the end of the show, he let go of his relationship with Lois and walked (or rather, flew) away . and with such equanimity too. all because, even though he knows that Lois still loves him, she is married to Richard and the moral thing to do was to let her get on with her life with Richard.



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