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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Speaky no Engrish...

so the Speak Good Campaign is about to be kicked off.

and to demonstrate the success of the current efforts to get people to speak 'good English', Mediacorp interviewed a secondary school student, who dutifully said, "Yar, now I know the importance of speaking good English, like now I say 'how you doin' and 'whassup' instead of like 'relak la'."

erm... so that Americanised, Black hiphop slang talk is good English but Singlish is not? how come? why are we still denying our right to create our own culture while validating other people's right to do so? is it because we are ashamed of ourselves? is it an expression of our subconscious insecurities that we pander to bigger nations/stronger cultures?


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