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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The end is neigh

so the Chinese Listening Comprehension was broadcasted over 92.4. before the broadcast for the listening comprehension, some 'soothing' music was played over the station. the invigilators were supposed to use the music to tune the volume so that all the candidates were comfortable with the volume. and once that was done, the radio was left on till the exam.

while waiting, in between pieces of soothing music, the DJ was trying his best to calm the students down. he kept telling the students that if the exam will start soon and that if they have an impending sense of doom, they really shouldn't.

what an idiot.

i'm sure the students weren't thinking about impending doom until the stupid DJ mentioned it. fortunately, quite a few students were sleeping (they had to be roused, some rather violently, from their slumber about 5 minutes before the exam, so as to ensure that they were 'fresh' and 'alert'. i had a good mind not to... i mean... they are 17 year old's! they should be responsible for such things.) and hence did not hear anything about impending doom.

i think the lesson that we can learn from this is that, very often, one has good intentions. but if the execution is flawed, the results can turn out to be more harmful than good.


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