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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Newton's First Law

states that an object in at rest will remain at rest until a force acts on it and similarly, an object in motion will maintain that state of motion until a force acts on it.

this is also known as inertia. it is a property of mass.

however, i have come to realise that inertia does not only apply to mass. it applies to a lot of human lives in general: the inertia to change our lives for the better because we are too used to this life, which, though might not be very good, is familiar and hence we are unwilling to take the chance of changing it for fear that the change might make it worse. so we stagnate, we consign ourselves to mediocrity for the sake of being safe, until some big enough force sends our lives sprawling out of control, into an erractic trajectory that then compels us to find new bearings.



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