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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Backup Memory

i've noted something interesting.

one doesn't remember what one has done before one was... about 4. or thereabouts.

and i think that there's good reason for that. cos one does the most embarassing things between the ages of 2 to 4.

like my dear darling cousins. they used to love Tellytubbies. they were fanatical about it, running to the tv 15 minutes before it was on, singin the song, jumping up and down like crazy monkeys in anticipation. and when it's on, they would watch in rapt attention. and then they would go 'again, again' and tried to guess which Tellytubby would pop out at the end. and they did those with such enthusiasm. they would then go on talking, in their toddler speak, about the show all throughout dinner.

and they don't remember that they did all that now. in fact, they deny that fact vehemently, cringing in mortification that they ever did something that un-cool. but the fact is that they did watch Tellytubbies and did love it. they might forget it and deny it all they want, but they'll always have their darling cousin (i.e. me) to remind them.

not least because they would drag me and insist that i watch it with them. that traumatised me. how can i ever let them get away with forgetting that they ever did something that silly when they traumatised me? where would be the justice in that?


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