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Sunday, May 21, 2006


tutorial mate reminded me last night/this morning that tmr would be the last tutorial that we'll be having together in NIE. it would therefore probably be the last time we seeing one another. it would probably be the last time that i will be seeing a lot, if not all of my, tutorial mates (from all the different tutorials) from NIE.

and of course, there'll be loads of talk about keeping in touch. but we know that that probably wouldn't happen. there used to be a time when i actually did believe in all that keeping in touch stuff. but now... considering that we at NIE did not really get very close in the first place, and that after this, we'll be starting a almost life-less lifestyle, and people get busy with married life, children, etc, i don't think that keeping in touch is really that viable an option anymore.

further, i've not been good with keeping in touch with people in the first place. there are very few people whom i've successfully kept in touch with. and these are people whom i have been really close to.

i think what makes it difficult is that we are all getting busy with our own lives that it is hard to find common time to get together. and as the days turn into months, months into years, our lives diverge so much that there is little to talk about and our conversations are prosaic questions about work and trite reminiscing of the 'good old days'. and gradually, it becomes difficult to call the other person, because one almost feels as if calling the other person, asking him/her out is intruding into his/her otherwise perfect life, that this erstwhile friend would have a million and one better things to do than entertain someone who is at best a resurrected phantom of the past.