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Friday, May 19, 2006

Look who's talking...

remember how some PAP candidates called Steve Chia of the SDA a quitter during the election campaigning? it arose cos Steve Chia said that he would quit politics should he lost the elections. and well... lost he did and indeed, he has announced that he is probably going to take a break from politics for a while.

is he a quitter?

probably. but let's remember that he wasn't just fighting against a single candidate. he was fighting against the collective might of the PAP. it must have been a daunting, soul-sapping, energy-draining, emotionally-challenging task. i am sure no one would respect Steve Chia any less if the task leaves him in deep despair and desolation.

so yes. Steve Chia's a quitter. but so what? he gave a damn good fight. against all odds, he gave a damn good fight. give them man a beer, give that man a Tiger, give that man the respect of having given it his all and done extremely well given the odds that are stacked against him.

now on the other hand, you have Sitoh and Eric Low. both of whom have said that they are most probably going to give up fighting in Potong Pasir and Hougang respectively. and so has most of their grassroots volunteers, including Ah Chua, who's going to stop giving free food. this despite the fact that they have the entire arsenal of the PAP big guns backing them (most notably in the form of SM Goh).

so Sitoh and Eric Low are, by the PAP's same standards, quitters too. and i would say that they have even less reasons to be quitters. if anything, they should fight on, continue working hard to improve the lives of the people. only then can they show that the PAP is truly, as Ms Irene Ng puts it, working for the good of the people and not just concerned with party politics.

or perhaps Sitoh and Eric Low are quitting because someone up in PAP are punishing them for losing and are having them replaced?


Blogger akikonomu said...

Hi Rench, I believe the standard life-span for PotongPasir and Hougang oppo-killers is precisely 2 terms, no more, no less.

Seetoh used up his 2 terms, his predecessor used up his 2 terms, and his successor will have 2 terms. and so on...

8:43 PM

Blogger akikonomu said...

point is... the whiteshirts would rather let new blood try to take back potong pasir and hougang. New blood with new ideas.

8:44 PM

Blogger rench00 said...

precisely. but after calling Steve Chia a quitter, asking Sitoh and Eric to step down with the connotations that they are 'quitting, i think reflects very badly on them as well as the PAP.

11:55 PM


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