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Thursday, August 04, 2005


i tell you arh... i damn suay you know... you see hor... most people would think that in NIE, confirm plus gaurantee more cha bor than ta po eh right? so all of this week... i damn hoping that in my tutorial class hor, will have quite a few chio bu's, so that at least one of them i can got chance one lah. but then hor, wah... i tell you... damn suay la, all my tutorial groups hor, very few cha bor one you know. suay right?! even tutors suprised you know. they all say hor, "Wah... this (referring to the class that i'm in...) is the first class i have that has so few girls."

then i walk around in NIE hor, then see all the chio bu's every where leh. but how? no way of getting to know them. li gai wa gong la... suay or not? i tell you hor... i give up already la. liddat i confirm die single one la. sighz. :(


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