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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Be With Me

went to watch Eric Khoo's "Be With Me" on Sunday night. apparently it was the opening movie at Cannes.

I personally thought that it was... alright. then again, i'm a plebian and hence unable to appreciate that sort of movie. of course, there were people who thought that it was a really powerful movie because of the central character, who though blind and deaf, is able to take care of herself and offers her services as a teacher of blind children. and of course, there were quite a few people who were crying because they were so touched by the show... probably again because of that central character.

i, hard-hearted as i am, was not affected by that central character. true, she is a great example of how a handicap need not be disabling. for that, she deserves respect. but no reason for me to cry over it. what most affected me was... well... something that i could personally relate to. unrequitted love... or affections... or whatever you want to call it la. the... you know... you pine for that person, you so very much want to talk to that person, but that other person avoids you like the plague. ya. i've been both, the avoided and avoiding. and then i realised... if you are the avoided, best to just let go (easier said than done... especially if it was very sudden, seemingly without reason and you are still trying to understand why...).

and if you are the avoiding... well... it's actually a lot tougher... though less painful... what i mean to say is that it's tougher to know what to do such that the other person is hurt least. but it is definitely less painful (that is if you are like me... i.e. no conscience), cos all you need to do is... "what the hell... fuck it... not going to see/talk to this person ever.regardless. what happens to that person is no longer any of my business" and then you just get on with life. sometimes... that is the best thing to do...

ah well... so that was "Be With Me". i think the general release is sometime in September. the supper after the movie was excellent. Min Jiang restaurant at Goodwood Park Hotel. the Wagyu beef and the Durian pudding were... hmm... hmm hmm hmm... :)

i just heard the song untitled by Simple Plan... sighz. it so well describes my life... i know... sad isn't it... ahahaha....

and then they played Every Other Day by don't know who... and... well... i suddenly thought that i would like to have a girl to share that song with. to listen to that song together and... argh... i'm not sure what i mean... sighz.

anyways. school's started proper. the time table looks pretty alright. but i do have quite a few assignments lined up. and that means that i'm supposed to do regular work, read various journals, do research, etc etc. so that i don't need to scramble at the last minute... but me being me... hahaha....

right. back to finding out what people want to see in the Taman Jurong CC (thus far... a lot of hips are hopping...)


Blogger jasmi said...

Haha.. Untitled is one of those songs that get more depressing each time you listen to it... so full of regret..

9:07 AM

Blogger rench00 said...

yes... indeed it is... and considering how much emotional baggage i have... it's no wonder that i get affected by the song so much...

11:56 AM

Blogger Rambling Alcoholic said...

Eh, where did u watch the movie? Pirate dvd?

6:53 PM


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