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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What's your number?

we are all numbers.

"eh, siao eh, what number you play?"

"wah si 369. you?"

or "I'm 24601".

or in Singapore's context: "I'm 8036506"

"eh, ji eh si a 6 leh... don't pwray pwray arh."

"that one a 20. balu make it only arh."

"wah... i got only 22 you know. wah lau tu tu man"

"sir, i 342324. can i helptch you? kopi tea or me?"

so you see... in this day and age, where we don't have time to get to know another person better, we digitise that person, we reduce that person to a series of numbers. much easier. just a glance at all the numbers and we know whether we want to associate ourselves with this person or not, or whether we want to employ him or not. won't need to waste time actually talking to him/her, actually sharing experiences, going through thick and thin together. just look at the numbers. it's all there. much simpler right?

so. still ai zo flen mai? you what numbers first. number not good mai liao lim bei eh si kang.


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