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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

And somewhere in Europe...

it's winter. only that someone apparently forgot to tell the bears. cos they ain't hibernating when they are supposed to have done so some three months ago.

and J blames it on the fact that the rich fat people of the world have moved their pension funds into China, flooding it with ample capital to set up millions of factories, each spewing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

EC thinks that he is contributing to the problem because of his dairy farm there in China (cows fart and their fart contain methane. as does their dung. methane is a greenhouse gas...)

J is highly displeased that this might disrupt her family's holiday plans in Slovenia.

damn... i want to go to exotic places like that for holiday too... grr...


Anonymous XH said...

Actually (although I can's swear to the exact details) rice paddies produce just about as much methane too. Of course, the exact numbers are hard to measure exactly.

7:13 AM


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