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Sunday, September 10, 2006


i guess i'm back. at least for now. no... i still have loads that i've not settled. but... well... there have been some uplifting moments in the last few days which are enough to get be back to writing.

what are these uplifting moments?

time spent with my students.

i think they are wonderful kids. infinitely teachable. i am really fortunate for having met them and really privileged to have the honour of being their teacher.

why do i say that?

because regardless of how harsh we are on them, they understand that it's for their sake. and instead of begrudging us, as some kids would have, they become more appreciative, more protective of us.

example, one of the days when we were in Medan, i fell asleep talking to some of them. at pre-dawn, i woke up to find an improvised blanket over me.

another example, i was able to share with my students some of the things that are on my mind.

they are wonderful. and for them, regardless of whatever burdens, i shall strive on.


Blogger kristy~ said...

*additional note: u want me to sing a song? lols*

12:23 PM

Blogger [dreamer.] said...

heyhey!! if u realised, u starting singing when everyone could hear u too? u sung "think of me" together with me the other day! whee!! i look forward to more sharing sessions!!

3:50 PM

Anonymous XH said...

Now that's a moment to cherish.

12:41 AM

Anonymous emz said...


awww....tissue please!
sincerely flattered. too bad i wasn't there at medan with all of you. i won't be at yunnan too...BOO, HOO.

9:06 PM


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