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Saturday, June 24, 2006


i was looking through my tracker in an attempt to find out who you people are (i mean... i ought to know who reads my blog right?). and saw some of the searches that directed some of you to my blog. it was quite interesting. things like "Asian Confucian work ethics" threw up a link to my April entries. Sungei Gedong camp threw up a link to my article on the discrimination of Malays in the SAF. similarly for SAF signals officers.

and the readership of my blog has gone up for the last few days. i wonder why. i am honestly very curious who you people are, what you people do, why you read my blog. are you just passing by? or here to stay? so... i'll appreciate it if you could drop me a note, a little hint for me to attempt to figure out who you are.

i realise that my posts now are very different in style compared to my posts from... say April and May of last year. there was a lot more frivolity in my posts then. a lot more pure crap. it seemed that the corn and crap just flowed unrestricted from my fingertips. now however, my writing seems more... contrived? i don't know. perhaps it is the gravity that i am now a payed employee of the oh-so-wonderful government of the great Republic of Singapore. (i wonder what other words i can throw into this post to lure unsuspecting people to come to my blog... come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly... perhaps words like... boobs, tits, vagina, downblouse, upskirt, sex, fuck, hot schoolgirls, would help... well... if you came to my blog because you tried to search for these things, all i have to say to you is... SUCKER!)

i digress. where was i? here of course. i am always here. it's the rest of the world that is misplaced. but I on the other hand... am always here. ha... some of my dear friends who have had the misfortune of travelling with me would remember my horrible sense of direction.... whenever i had one...

hungry. no crap to flow out. it's natural you know... if you stop to think about it. if you don't eat, it's unlikely that you have crap.

hmm... crap and shit seems to come up in my blog regularly. i wonder why... a reflection of the sort of person that i am?


Anonymous smartidiot said...

Just to say hi, you did want to know who reads your blog rite???

9:06 PM


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