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Monday, June 19, 2006

Excuse me, are you dead?

i'll kill you until you die from it! famous line from Hotshots.

which sounds ludicrous. because when you are dead, you are DEAD. that's it. nothing, nada, zero, end of the line, goodbye and thanks for all the fish.

but NO... people like to think that when you are dead, you aren't really dead. you turn into go to heaven where 99 virgins wait for you or slide down into hell where a huge furnace would consume you in eternal flames.


the only reason why people invented an afterlife is because they can't deal with this life. they tell us that our actions in this life would be judged and what happens to us in the eternity of our afterlife depends on how the balances tip. they tell us that it's ok that the good guy suffers so much and dies early because that just means that he's gone to heaven earlier. and they tell us that we shouldn't envy the bad guy who is getting away scot free with all the dosh and chicks, cos he'll be spending an eternity in the flames of hell.


these people just can't accept the fact that life sometimes sucks. these people do not have the guts nor moral courage to live a good life knowing that they might have to suffer for it. that's why they create a delusion that they will be rewarded for all their troubles. these people, therefore, stay on the straight and narrow rather than become conniving bastards not because it is right to stay on the straight and narrow, not because being conniving bastards is bad, but because they want to enjoy the company of the 99 virgins, enjoy all the chicks and the dosh (or the equivalent in the 'afterlife') for all of eternity. bloody hypocrites.

no. when you are dead, you are dead. anyone who believes otherwise is deluding themselves.


Anonymous sheryl said...

"when you're dead, you're dead"- how do you know that when you've never been dead?

haha just joking! I'm back from my India adventure! meet up some time soon!!

12:28 AM


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